NHL To Air Its All-Star Game "Fantasy Draft" Live On Versus

sidney crosby pittsburgh penguins nhl

Much has been made about the new format for the 2011 NHL All-Star game, but probably the most interesting new feature is the “draft” that will be conducted by two captains to select the opposing sides.

Unlike in past years, the game will not be split between the Eastern and Western Conferences.  In 2011, only six starters will be voted into the game by fans, and then two captains will be chosen.

The captains — which many assume will be Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby — will select their rosters in a televised “draft” on VERSUS on Friday, January 28th.  The Skills Competition will follow on January 29th, and the All-Star Game will be played on Sunday January 30th.

The draft should be very entertaining for hockey fans, as it will be interesting to see whether the captains will choose players based on nationality, NHL team, or something else.

Already Ovechkin has said he will pick all Russians if selected as a captain.

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