'He will kill it': Versace fans are revolting against the brand's rumoured sale to 'rancid' Michael Kors

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesFans are begging Donatella Versace not to sell the company to Michael Kors.
  • Versace fans are revolting after reports that the iconic Italian designer is about to be bought by Michael Kors.
  • People are begging Versace to reconsider the deal, with fans commenting on Donatella Versace’s Instagram saying Michael Kors would “kill” the brand.
  • One comment reads: “Don’t let the rancid oppressive stain of a fashion house known as Michael Kors take away what made Versace great.”

Versace fans are revolting after reports that the fashion brand is on the cusp of announcing a deal with Michael Kors.

On Monday, outlets including Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Kors was close to acquiring the Italian luxury designer for roughly $US2 billion.

Currently, the Versace family – including Donatella Versace, who became the brand’s creative director after her brother Gianni’s death in 1997 – owns 80% of the company. The other 20% is owned by the private-equity firm Blackstone Group, which acquired the stake in 2014.

An acquisition by Michael Kors would be a landmark deal for the fashion industry, with an American company taking over an Italian icon. Most Versace bags cost more than $US2,000, while you can buy a Michael Kors handbag at Macy’s for less than $US100.

The stark difference between Michael Kors and Versace has some fans revolting against the rumoured deal on social media.




“Don’t let MKors buy any % of Versace. He will ruin it. He will kill it,” one Instagram comment says.

“You sell off your heritage and Gianni’s memory for decadent money. I really hope you don’t … but if it’s so, I will never buy from you anymore,” another comment reads.

Donatella versaceInstagramDonatella Versace’s Instagram has been flooded with comments.

As spotted by the Bloomberg reporter Kim Bhasin, Donatella Versace’s Instagram has been bombarded with comments begging her to call off the deal.

“Donatella, sweetie, how are you doing?” one comment says. “Please tell me all of the MK rumours are false because I’m crying like a baby.”

Another comment reads: “Don’t let the rancid oppressive stain of a fashion house known as Michael Kors take away what made Versace great.”

“Why just WHY would you sell Versace to a brand like MICHAEL KORS,” says another.


Some on social media have argued that the deal would disrespect Gianni Versace, the brand’s founder.


Versace did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment on the backlash.

The reports said Blackstone would sell its stake in Versace as part of the Michael Kors deal, which would allow the Versace family to maintain a role in the company.

Donatella Versace has arranged a meeting with employees on Tuesday to announce the sale, Bloomberg reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

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