30 of the best outfits Veronica and Betty have worn on 'Riverdale' so far

Warner Bros. TelevisionBetty and Veronica have very unique styles.
  • On “Riverdale,” Betty and Veronica have very distinct and different styles.
  • Betty’s outfits typically incorporate a lot of colourful sweaters and jeans.
  • Veronica’s style usually consists of skirts, dresses, and dark colours.

Sure, all that drama on “Riverdale” keeps us on the edge of our seats, but as fashion lovers, it’s impossible to ignore the outfits worn by Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Both characters gravitate toward pieces that are best described as vintage-inspired and feminine, yet their senses of style are still completely different. Betty’s closet mostly consists of colourful sweaters and pairs of jeans. Veronica, on the other hand, prefers full skirts and, of course, her pearls.

Just as the show’s third season kicks off, we’re rounding up some of our favourite looks the besties have worn so far. Here’s hoping that costume designer Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup has plenty more hits like these up her sleeve.

Betty proved that collared shirts don’t have to be boring.

The CW

Betty’s uniform pretty much consists of sweaters, collared shirts, and sweaters paired with collared shirts. But in this episode, she amped things up with an embroidered option.

Veronica mastered the art of accessorizing.

The CW

That tiny black bow-tie added a little something extra to her floral look.

Betty went for something sweet and tailored for her speech.

The CW

Her words inspired The Black Hood. The sleeveless shirt inspired our next purchase.

Veronica’s sheer-sleeved dress was a little too fancy for a house party.

The CW

But who doesn’t like being extra from time to time? The pink belt was a nice touch, too.

Betty went “bad” in a crop top and skirt.

The CW

Right before she went full “Dark Betty,” her outfit hinted that something was about to go down. Those demure sweaters were gone and her midriff was showing.

When we were all about Veronica’s thigh-high boots.

The CW

They balanced out her mini skirt, and we love how her Pussycats ears matched her leopard sweater.

Snow couldn’t keep Betty from looking cute.

The CW

Aside from the camel coat, we’re really digging those pearl buttons on her top.

Veronica went classic for her Confirmation.

The CW

All eyes were on her in this white, voluminous number complete with a beaded neckline.

Betty styled her holiday sweater with an embellished collared shirt.

The CW

This print is one that we’d wear throughout the winter – not just the holiday season – and she added just the right amount of sparkle with her embellished collar.

Veronica wore a necklace to bed.

The CW

Who doesn’t love rocking a chunky necklace, even when you’re in bed?

Betty channeled Cinderella at the dance.

The CW

This wasn’t even prom. She just wanted to look nice, and we were here for it. Lili Reinhart could totally rock this on the red carpet.

Betty dressed to impress at Veronica’s confirmation.

The CW

She certainly caught Jughead’s eye in this pale pink, high-neck number.

Betty’s showed just how versatile Converse can be.

The CW

Those classic kicks go with everything, including a suede skirt and grey sweater. They made the pairing even more playful.

A tiny bit of colour went a long way.

The CW

The green detail on Veronica’s collar really popped against her all-navy look, and we can’t ignore that button detail on her skirt.

Betty wore her iconic crown sweatshirt.

The CW

She matched Jughead’s crown hat and we were totally here for it.

Veronica’s outerwear was just as fun as the rest of her wardrobe.

The CW

She paired her purple coat with a beret and furry gloves, but the best accessory might be her coffee mug.

Betty went pretty in pink at the dance.

The CW

Bubblegum pink looks great on this girl, and thankfully, she wears it on repeat. We were especially fond of the full dress she wore in the very first episode. Too bad Archie had to break her heart in it.

Veronica’s cape and bow were all that we saw.

The CW

Sorry, Hermione. Your daughter just upstaged you during your speech.

Betty continued to stand out in her signature colour during the dream scene.

The CW

And, of course, her lipstick matched her sweater.

Veronica looked cute and professional.

The CW

She went very matchy-matchy in a two-tone sweater and pleated skirt.

We couldn’t decide where to look first: Betty’s sweater or her shoes.

The CW

The design on the sweater is interesting, but we’re obsessed with those pointy, Mary Jane flats.

Veronica broke out a fabulous robe during the group’s getaway.

The CW

Is it just us, or could she totally get away with wearing her PJs in public?

Betty started getting into overalls.

The CW

First, she wore a pair to work on Jughead’s car. Then, she pulled this darker wash option over a pink top. She even wore a denim romper at the start of season three.

Veronica’s added a pearl bracelet to her look.

The CW

In order to match her everyday pearl necklace.

Betty showed we can still layer with short sleeves.

The CW

The white collar under this pink, short-sleeved sweater was a nice touch.

Betty and Veronica pulled off pairs of flares.

The CW

When it came time for the school musical, the friends ended up looking great in ’70s style clothing, too.

Betty started the season off in the printed summer dress.

The CW

It was easy and breezy enough for the overheated courtroom.

Veronica and Betty wore swimwear that suited them perfectly.


Veronica went with an embroidered black one-piece, while Betty continues to be partial to pink.

Betty wore a long, purple maxi dress during the summer.

The CW

She might love sundresses just as much as she loves sweaters.

Veronica and Betty went with opposite dress codes for the trial.

The CW

One was over-the-top, collared, and embellished. The other was muted and laid-back. It pretty much summed up their personalities.

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