Step One To Save California: Disincorporate The 90-Person Pseudo-City With A $300 Million Budget



The California fiscal disaster has reached a point where it can’t get much worse, so it might start getting better.Los Angeles Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley is trying to disband a minuscule city that has sucked up state funds and leaked scandal for 80 years, according to LA Times.

All you have to know about Vernon, Calif. is it has a population of 90 and a municipal budget of $300 million. That’s a $3.3 million budget per person. Vernon has this much money thanks to the 1,800 businesses incorporated within its borders — generating money that would otherwise flow to the bare coffers of Los Angeles.

The LA Times profile on Vernon is a ridiculously good story. This is a mini-city with as much corruption as neighbouring city, Bell, which was home to a $1.5-million city manager. Like Bell, Vernon has seen recent arrests extremely overpaid city officials for corruption.

Here’s how prosecutors plan to dissolve the city, according to LAT:

L.A. County prosecutors drafted language for such legislation that, though aimed at Vernon, would apply to all cities that have fewer than 500 residents and are smaller than 10 square miles. The proposal allowed for disincorporation in cases in which a city had a history of malfeasance, defined as meeting two of a list of conditions including voter fraud, a high-ranking official convicted of public corruption, violations of the state’s open-meetings law and abuse of public funds.

Sounds like a good start. As for the rest of California…

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