Vermont Law School Prepares For The 'Revolution' With Staff Cuts

vermont law school studentsVermont Law School students

Photo: Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School is cutting staff in preparation for what its president and dean say are revolutions sweeping the legal profession and higher education, Dave Gram reports for The Associated Press.The law school is offering voluntary buyouts to its staff and might soon do the same for its faculty as it deals with increasingly small enrollment.

The school expects to graduate a little more than 200 lawyers this spring, a number that drops to 150 for its class of 2014.

“When our enrollment goes down, we have to downsize,” law school President and Dean Marc Mihaly told the AP.

Law schools nationwide may have to take the same approach.

The number of people taking the LSAT in October dropped by a drastic 16.4 per cent since last year, hitting its lowest level since 1999.

And more and more law schools are chopping their class sizes as they deal with the failing legal employment market, which hasn’t shown much growth in recent quarters.

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