Vermont Governor Narrowly Avoids Being Mauled To Death By Bears


Photo: flickr: Appalachian Encounters

It’s been a day of near-death political news.First, we heard about Newark mayor Corey Brewer’s heroics, risking his life to save a woman from a burning building.

Now there’s this from Vermont.

According to the Associated Press, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin was nearly mauled by some bears that were raiding his backyard birdfeeder.

Shumlin said he woke up to find four bears — two of them cubs — in his yard. He then made the foolish attempt to chase away the invaders, and that’s when one of them made a run for him. The governor narrowly escaped, eventually making his way back into his home.

He told the Valley News editorial board that the state “almost lost the governor,” and that he was within “three feet of getting ‘arrrh.'”

Maybe Shumlin should have taken the advice of his state’s fish and wildlife department, which clearly urges residents to “avoid contact” with bears on their property. 

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