Internet Speeds On New Verizon Phones Will Double Later This Year

samsung galaxy s4 launch event

Internet speeds on smartphones are about to get a lot faster.

Verizon is working on a new type of 4G LTE network that will be about twice as fast as its current network, Bloomberg reports, and Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy S4, is the first compatible device. 

Right now, LTE is the fastest wireless data standard available. It’s often just as fast as the speeds you get from your cable or DSL modem. While most carriers are still in the process of rolling out their LTE networks, Verizon’s faster “Phase 2” LTE network will go online in the second half of this year in some areas.

The new LTE service gives Verizon other advantages other than speed. The new wireless signals will allow radio waves to better penetrate the walls of buildings, meaning you’ll get much better service indoors.

Most Verizon customers won’t notice this switch right away because most phones on sale today don’t have the right chips to support the new Phase 2 network.

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