Verizon Wireless Bailing On 30-Day Test Drive (VZ)


Verizon Wireless is reportedly tossing one of its most consumer-friendly sales policies: Beginning Feb. 15, it will stop offering 30-day, penalty-free trials of its service, according to a supposed corporate document obtained by mobile blog Boy Genius Report.

New subscribers who cancel their service within 30 days will have to pay the same $175 early termination fee that all others pay. Update: No, they won’t. They will just have to pay for the service they use.

Reached for comment, a Verizon (VZ) rep said, via email, “We’ve made no announcements like this.” But the company did not deny that the document was real.

Verizon rivals AT&T (T) and Sprint Nextel (S) still offer 30-day trials, according to their Web sites. T-Mobile offers a 20-day return period, or 30 days in California. However, we could see one or many of them cancelling their no-risk policies if Verizon’s move goes smoothly.

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