Verizon Wireless Puts NBC Clips On Phones, No Surprises


Verizon Wireless announced a deal this afternoon to bring NBC Universal video clips to its mobile phones. Offerings include bite-sized videos from Leno, Conan, “The Office,” “30 Rock,” “Top Chef,” NBC news and sports, and more from Telemundo, Bravo, and iVillage. Most of this content is already available in some form online, but you couldn’t get the clips on your cell phone.

Videos will be accessible to anyone with a 3G Verizon Wireless phone and a $15 monthly (or $3 daily) data plan. If you want to watch live, full episodes, you’ll still need a special phone that hooks into Verizon’s separate mobile TV broadcast service, and you’ll have to fork over an additional $15 a month. One thing you still won’t see in either place: live, major league sports, unless you’re dying to watch the X Games.

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