Verizon (VZ) fibre Internet Comes To Brooklyn, TV Franchise Mess Ahead


Verizon’s fibre-optic Internet service is now available in several Brooklyn neighborhoods, including Canarsie, Mill Basin, Georgetown, and Bergen Beach, plus some buildings in Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn. It’s part of the NY-based company’s $18 billion build-out, which has already touched small parts of Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx; it’s available throughout most of Staten Island.

Verizon’s fibre-optic Internet is much faster than its DSL offerings, and a little faster than many cable Internet products from Time Warner Cable (TWC) and Cablevision (CVC). But the telco’s real chance to chew away at cable’s near-monopoly — digital TV service — requires a cable franchise licence, and will still take a while to roll out. The licensing process, which I profiled for last year, is complex, expensive, and sometimes borders on ridiculous.

A Verizon rep wouldn’t comment on their New York City franchise status, but expect TWC and Cablevision to put up a big fight to protect their long-unchallenged turf — it could be months, or longer, before telco TV comes to New York.