Verizon (VZ) Seidenberg: We Felt iPhone Price Cut, Too


At Goldman’s conference, Verizon (VZ) chief Ivan Seidenberg reiterated what execs from rivals Sprint Nextel and AT&T said earlier this morning: Apple’s (AAPL) surprise $200 iPhone price cut worked — at least for a while.  Seidenberg said Verizon Wireless noticed people “freeze their purchasing decisions” (presumably that means either new phones, new calling plans, or both) after Steve Jobs slashed iPhone prices two weeks ago. But business has picked up again, he said.

Seidenberg also took another opportunity to jab the FCC for the rules it’s imposing on next year’s wireless spectrum auction. Last week, Verizon Wireless sued the FCC, seeking to overturn a rule stating that the auction winner must build a network accessible by any wireless device or software application. That’s different from current wireless networks, where carriers like Verizon can dictate which phones and software can access their airwaves. “We think the FCC kind of missed the train here,” Seidenberg said.

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