Verizon Updates BlackBerry Storm Software To Fix Bugs (RIMM)


RIM’s (RIMM) would-be iPhone killer is getting better: Verizon (VZ) has pushed out an Internet and over-the-air software update that supposedly fixes many of its quirks.

Smart idea for RIM and Verizon to squash as many bugs as they can as soon as possible — they’re going to need the Storm as they go up against Apple (AAPL) this Christmas. (Note the phone is still backordered online. Storms will ship “before 12/15.”)

Here’s what the software update fixes, according to

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Device may reset intermittently while sitting idle or when using multimedia applications
  • User may experience one-way audio (incoming audio is muted) when using voice activated dialling
  • When listening to music on low volume while wearing wired headphones, the volume of the music will increase to the highest level when the user receives an incoming call
  • Improvements in display performance in terms of switching between landscape and portrait modes and keys displaying correctly
  • Improvements in performance for multimedia capabilities such as video, music and MMS
  • Improvements in bluetooth audio performance in certain scenarios

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