Oh, Please -- OF COURSE Verizon Wants Sprint

verizon guy

Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead has been telling reporters ahead of the CTIA wireless show that Verizon is “not interested in Sprint. We don’t need them.” And people are buying it.

Well, yes, of course that’s what he’s going to say.

Why should Mead let anyone — the FCC, the DOJ, Sprint management or shareholders — think for a second that Verizon is about to make a bid for Sprint? It’s a lose-lose situation to show your cards like that.

But that doesn’t change the fact that buying Sprint — and getting more scale, and more customers, and more purchasing power — would probably be a good move for Verizon, someday, eventually. (If Comcast doesn’t beat them to the punch.)

First Verizon needs to sit back and quietly see how the Feds react to the AT&T/T-Mobile deal. Because Verizon/Sprint would be even bigger. And the last thing the Feds need right now is to fear a wireless duopoly. Then, in a year or so, Verizon can figure out if it’s worth making a move.

But the dumbest thing it could do right now is talk about it like it’s a good idea. So of course Verizon is going to say it’s not interested. That doesn’t mean anything, though.

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