Verizon Not Completely Bailing On 30-Day Test Drive* (VZ)


Updated. Verizon Wireless is not completely getting rid of its 30-day money-back guarantee, as we had thought earlier this week. But it is tweaking its consumer-friendly “Test Drive” program.

Specifically, earlier this week, mobile site Boy Genius Report reported changes with Verizon’s trial program, based on a leaked document. We had interpreted the document as saying that new Verizon Wireless customers would start having to pay a $175 early termination fee if they canceled their service in the first 30 days. This is not true — under Verizon’s new policy, you can still cancel within 30 days and not have to pay a $175 fee. (Note — An earlier version of this post suggested that Boy Genius Report had got it wrong, based on this analysis by Broadband Reports. That’s not the case, and we apologise.)

What’s changed: You will have to pay for calling charges during that month. Previously, Verizon had waived those if you switched to a different carrier. That sounds reasonable to us.

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