Verizon Demands Netflix Take Down The Message Calling Its Internet Slow

Verizon sent Netflix a cease and desist Thursday afternoon telling the streaming service to take down the following notice to users.

CNBC first reported the news.

A little background:

Tuesday night, Vox Media’s Yuri Victor tweeted the screenshot from his Mac that shows an error message from Netflix claiming that Verizon’s clogged internet is responsible for poor streaming quality. A Netlfix spokesperson later confirmed on Twitter that the company is testing new ways to alert users why streams may be slogging.

Verizon fired back, claiming it’s actually Netflix’s clogged servers causing the problem.

But it’s not that simple, folks!

On the surface, it looks like we’re stuck in one of the he-said, she-said situations. However, Netflix recently agreed to start paying Verizon for “direct access” to Verizon’s customers. This, in theory, should result in faster streams. Netflix has a similar deal with Comcast, that has already proven to result in faster speeds.

Developing…refresh this page for updates.

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