iPhone Sales Smoked By HTC Thunderbolt At Verizon Late Last Month, Says Research Firm

Steve Jobs

Here’s another data point that suggests Apple has the only the second most popular phone at Verizon stores.

ITG Investment Research says the HTC Thunderbolt passed the iPhone as the most popular selling phone at Verizon at the end of March.

Previously, BTIG research had conducted an informal poll of Verizon stores and arrived at a similar conclusion.

ITG’s research was picked up at the New York Post, so we don’t know the methodology involved.

It’s not hard to envision the Thunderbolt outselling the iPhone at Verizon. Whenever we walk past a Verizon store we see big ads for the Thunderbolt, which runs on Verizon’s zippy 4G network. We could see salespeople saying, “Buy this phone. It’s just like an iPhone, except faster.”

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