SURVEY SAYS: Only 8% Of Verizon iPhone Buyers Are Ditching AT&T

Verizon iPhone 4

Photo: Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Piper Jaffray surveyed 40 people buying Verizon iPhones today at Apple and Verizon stores.It found:

  • Only 8% of Verizon iPhone buyers were previously on AT&T.
  • 63% were already on Verizon (upgrading to the iPhone).
  • 18% were on Sprint.
  • 13% were on T-Mobile.
  • 28% were BlackBerry users switching to the iPhone.
  • 13% were switching from Android.
  • 8% were switching from Nokia.
  • 45% were switching from other phones, including non-smartphones.
  • 25% of buyers owned an iPad. Of the 75% who did not, 43% indicated they would buy one within 12 months.

Interesting stuff, especially that almost half of the iPhone buyers were upgrading from non-smartphones.

It makes sense that early buyers would mostly be existing Verizon customers; this was the whole point of adding Verizon as a distributor in the first place. We assume some more AT&T customers will move over to Verizon as their contracts come up, but generally people don’t switch carriers that much. That was the whole point of ending AT&T exclusivity.

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