Verizon Hires Insider As New Finance Chief


Verizon (VZ) named John F. Killian its chief financial officer today, effective March 1. Killian replaces Doreen Toben, who will retire in a few months. Killian is currently president of Verizon Business, the telco’s enterprise and government division.

His challenges: Keeping Verizon’s spending in-line for its FiOS fibre-optic system and its forthcoming ‘4G’ wireless network. And managing the slow death of Verizon’s old home-phone network, which will eventually lose the majority of its customers to wireless and Internet-based phone products — including Verizon’s, via FiOS.

Verizon is the second-biggest U.S. telco after AT&T (T), but is now the nation’s biggest mobile operator, following its $28 billion acquisition of Alltel.