Verizon Exec Says Google Wouldn't Dare Bring Google fibre Into Its FiOS Markets

Verizon EVP and CFO Fran ShammoFran Shammo.

With word getting out that Google fibre, Google’s attempt to disrupt the broadband market by offering incredibly fast Internet for an affordable price, its competitors are speaking out to make sure people know that they can keep up. 

FierceTelecom reported yesterday that Verizon EVP and CFO Fran Shammo had this to say about Google’s entrance into the home Internet market at a recent conference for media and telecoms:

From my perspective, Google fibre’s model says that they want folks to use broadband because that’s how they monetise their search engines. By doing what they are doing they are forcing everyone to step up their game, provide more throughput to the home, but FiOS already does that. We compete vigorously in the FiOS footprint and I highly doubt Google will build anything in the FiOS area.

While Google’s fibre Internet is over three times faster than what is available to most Verizon FiOS customers, Shammo also noted that Verizon’s offering is already serving over 5 million customers and that they have had the technology to roll out speeds similar to Google’s for years:

Google has a lot of spin around delivering 1 Gig to the home, but we did that almost three years ago in New York City to a home.

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