Verizon: Don't Blame Us For Your Flaky iPhone!

Verizon Wireless, which passed up the opportunity to exclusively sell Apple’s iPhone, wants you to know that it’s very concerned that the latest edition of Apple’s phone doesn’t work as well as advertised.

Today’s reminder, via a now-almost-daily iPhone-problems email from Verizon’s public relations department: a Yahoo! Tech article noting that last night’s iPhone software update didn’t fix some users’ problems with dropped calls, abrupt network switches, or poor reception.

But who cares! More constructive: The boldfaced introduction to Verizon’s email, which would be best chanted through a megaphone at a hippie demonstration:

Monday’s iPhone firmware upgrade didn’t work and is causing new problems.
Why the secrecy?
Where is the recall?
Where are the refunds? Or maybe toss in a free ringtone and a couple months of free service?
So much for a “new” way of doing business at the old AT&T – your father’s phone company.

For what it’s worth, we’re among those who’ve experienced sporadic problems with AT&T’s network since buying the iPhone 3G. We haven’t had enough time to judge whether last night’s software has helped. But thanks for giving us strength and courage, Verizon!

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