Verizon Has Some Secret Data Plans You Probably Didn't Know About


Photo: Business Insider

The two largest carriers, Verizon and AT&T, are making the move to shared data plans this summer. Verizon’s shared plans are already in place, while AT&T’s will be available on August 23. Verizon only publicly lists a few of its most popular data plan options on its website and marketing materials, but a company representative confirmed to Computer World that there are a few hidden plans for customers who consume massive amounts of data. 

Verizon’s hidden data plans will let you share up to 20 GB of data between all the devices (tablets, smartphone, hotspots, etc.) on your account. That plan will cost you $150 per month plus an additional fee for each device.

Most people won’t need those top-tier plans, but if you do want to sign up, you’ll have to make a call to Verizon to set it up.

AT&T will also offer shared plans up to 20 GB starting August 23. That plan costs $200 per month plus an additional fee per device. The carrier will also keep its individual plans.

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