Verizon 4G MiFi Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

I’ve been using my 4G Verizon MiFi 5410L mobile hotspot for about 8 weeks now, and because I was such a fan in the early days telling everyone to buy it, I think I need to give an update that tells the whole story, at least where I live and how I use it.   

To sum it up – when it works it’s really good, and when it doesn’t it’s really bad. It sometimes reaches and even exceeds their stated speeds.  But too often in their prime coverage area I get very poor or no service. 

What does Verizon say the speeds are? 5-12 MBPS

What do I get?  Here’s this morning’s commute on the New Jersey Transit train from Trenton NJ to NY NY as tested by to their New York Servers (first number is download speed, second is upload):

And according to Verizon’s coverage map, this commute should be covered virtually all “blazingly fast, brilliantly powerful” 4G.  But it’s not.  

End of rant.

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