Verified Identity Pass, Steve Brill's Airport Security Company, Raises $44.4 Million

Verified Identity Pass, the New York-based company that operates the Clear “fast pass” system for airport security lines, has raised a $44.4 million round led by Spark Capital.

Also participating in the round were Syncom Venture Partners, Lockheed Martin, GE Security, Baker Capital and Lehman Brothers. Clear founder and CEO Steven Brill, best known as the man behind CourtTV and The American Lawyer trade pub, also invested. The company has raised a total of $116.4 million.

Each of Clear’s estimated 200,000 members is pre-screened through a background check, iris scan, and fingerprinting, allowing them access to fast security lanes at 18 U.S. airports. For a $128 annual membership fee, the service aims to take some of the hassle out of travel (unless something bad happens to your data).

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