VentureCrowd will let you be an angel investor on a small budget

Photo: The Wolf of Wall Street UK/ Facebook.

Australian equity-based crowdfunding platform VentureCrowd has launched a new option for wholesale investors, starting from $25,000, using the same progressive fee structure as larger investors.

The crowdfunding company has partnered with the Artesian Australian Corporate Bond Fund, where investors can invest in a diversified fund managed by them.

VentureCrowd is aggregating demand from potential investors for the fund, while it will also allow them to retain individual control over their portfolio. The company says that by doing this, they’re able to lower the barriers for individual wholesale investors and give them opportunity usually reserved for institutional investors.

Through the VentureCrowd platform, investors can now add high-return, high-growth startups, major property developments and blue chip corporate bonds.

“We wanted to offer a unique, alternative, boutique credit fund to investors accessing investments and diversification that would not normally be available to individual investors” said Rob Nankivell, VentureCrowd CEO.

“Our investors need a pool of liquid assets they can draw upon when high-return alternative investment opportunities arise, like startups and property. We see the credit portfolio as a potential way to generate regular income at the same level and fee structure as institutions. VentureCrowd has significantly lowered the barriers to entry, allowing eligible investors to truly diversify their portfolio on the platform.”

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