Inside Billion Dollar Vente Privée's Secret, Amazing HQ (PHOTO TOUR)

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Photo: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry/Business Insider

Vente Privée is the billion-dollar leader in private fashion flash sales, a huge booming market. Vente Privée is the leader in Europe and is coming to the US to kill Gilt Groupe and Amazon’s MyHabit. Vente Privée is a pretty secretive company and it’s highly unusual for them to let a journalist tour their massive headquarters (900 employees), and it was a pretty awesome tour because Vente Privée founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon is a fan of modern art and has great modern art pieces all over his headquarters. 

Vente Privée owns several warehouses outside Paris where over 900 employees work, from sales to the “Digital Factory” where photography and art happens to make the sales work. 

Take a look!

This is the art-filled lobby

Up the stairs, you're greeted by this guy. (We couldn't take too many pictures of the artwork because of rights issues.)

This is a former printing press, and on this floor are all the salespeople

Note the art everywhere, and the pink lights (Vente Privée's colour)

On the floor below are the meeting rooms, named after famous contemporary artists

This is a library with art and fashion books to inspire Vente Privée's employees

There's also a shelf for the company's many awards

This is where the sales managers work. These people are in charge of every aspect of a sale after the contract was signed by the salespeople, which explains why they have samples at hand.

More sales managers as well as coders and designers. Note the pink disco ball.

This is where all the creatives are. Hi, Kate Moss's nipple!

More creatives. They make the art that goes into sales, as well as video trailers and the like.

They're expanding rapidly

Let's go!

This is where the goodies come in to be photographed for a sale

The Digital Factory is full of photo studios and the like

Coffee break area

Again with the pink

All the photo designers and photoshop people

This is where the shoots are planned. On the back are ceramic tiles where the schedule is written and updated (what type of shoot, who, which room, etc)

Some photo studios are empty, waiting to be expanded into. We tried to move in because it'd make an awesome loft but, no dice.

Taking pictures of babies' clothes. Vente Privée takes 15,000 photos a day, and makes video trailers and its own music. Everything's integrated.

Pants! (There was a lingerie studio next door but they wouldn't let us peek. Drat!)

Random art and cardboard boxes

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