Texas, Of All Places, Is Getting A Vegetarian Fast-Food Joint

Is meat-loving Texas going vegan? One San Antonio chef sure hopes so.

Mike Behrend, co-owner of Texas’ Green Vegetarian Cuisine, created a Kickstarter for his upcoming Earth Burger, “Texas’ first plant based fast food restaurant,” slated to open early this summer.

Right now, the Kickstarter page has 92 backers with $US8,429 of the pledged $US40,000.

“We are entering the fast food market with tastier, fresher and healthier alternatives that also happen to be vegan and vegetarian,” the Kickstarter site explains. “Our goal is to provide people with great healthy choices at a great value.”

According to the restaurant’s website, its $US5 burgers will include choices such as the Nacho Burger and Spicy Chik-n Sandwich with $US3 sides including a healthy kale salad and hummus with carrots.

And while Behrend is proud that Earth Burger will officially be Texas’ first all-vegetarian fast food joint, he knows it can be risky to open a plant-based restaurant in barbecue and brisket state.

“San Antonio has a reputation for loving its meat and Tex-Mex food, and it also has the reputation of being one of the fattest cities in the U.S.” he says on his Kickstarter page. “
This was our same concern back in 2007 when we started Green Vegetarian Cuisine. The good news is that Texas has fully embraced Green, we’ve grown to three locations in San Antonio and Houston.”

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