Vegas Mayor Blasts Obama: You’re Screwing Up Our Economy


Las Vegas was already hurting just from the down economy and the housing bust, but things are even worse no that just going there is totally toxic for anyone in business. It used to be the event and conference capital of the world, but now companies are opting for more politically correct locales, like San Francisco — where the Speaker of the House is from.

And it seems the mayor is pissed about the way his city has been pissed upon by politicians, like Obama

AP: The mayor of Las Vegas told President Barack Obama in a letter that his comments about companies using taxpayer money to visit Sin City are harmful to the tourist-dependent destination.

But Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman didn’t directly ask the president for an apology and a retraction in the letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, as he did in interviews.

“I expect him to address it and to correct it,” Goodman told the AP.

Yeah, that’s going to happen. Right around the same time Obama starts complaining that banking execs are paid too little.

But it’s not like Goodman’s point is totally unfair. Aren’t Vegas junkets stimulative? As Catherine Rempell at Economix recently pointed out:

And so what if the money for the junket might have come from taxpayers? So did the rebate checks selectively sent to families last year, as would the likely tax breaks in the current formulation of the stimulus bill. And in these latter cases, consumers would be urged to go out and spend the money on things like hotel stays and souvenirs — with the hope of triggering more spending, just as Wells Fargo workers might do.

Rempell’s big mistake here: Trying to decode political rhetoric as if there were any logic or reason behind it. If you actually argue with a politician, then the jokes just on you.