Vegas Branch Of Jay-Z's 40/40 Club To Close

After opening in January and flopping, the Vegas outpost of Jay-Z’s 40/40 club is closing. It will be taken over by the Palazzo Las Vegas, the casino in which the club is located, which plans to open a restaurant.

LA Times’ Movable Buffet blog: Yesterday I was blogging about the issues at one club at the Palazzo and now there is breaking news about another: Jay-Z’s 40/40 is going to close…

[T]he news that 40/40 will close was buried in a press release with a very long title. Usually, the people who write press releases keep the titles pithy unless it is news of a corporate promotion. They never really expect to see a story about a vice president becoming an executive vice president, and therefore the release is mostly written to stroke the ego of the promoted executive. Here is the full subject line:

“The Palazzo Las Vegas, 40/40 Club Reach Agreement Allowing Palazzo to Open New Race and Sports Book and Restaurant”

Did you catch it? That’s right. The real subject is that the space occupied by 40/40 is being taken over by the Palazzo.

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