A Vegas Sports Book Thinks This So-So Quarterback Has The Best Odds Of Leading His Team To Super Bowl Victory

alex smith

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We’re getting pretty giddy about the NFL season inching closer and closer (as Adam Schefter points out, it’s only 50 days away!).With the season not too far away, Las Vegas sports books are starting to see more NFL action. This is causing many teams’ Super Bowl championship odds to change.

Some of the movement isn’t all that surprising.

The Denver Broncos have gone from 75/1 odds to 7/1 after signing Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts have dropped from 25/1 to 150/1 with Manning’s departure, and hype around Cam Newton’s sophomore season has moved the Carolina Panthers to 40/1 after starting out at 100/1.

But there’s one thing that should definitely turn heads: the San Francisco 49ers are now the odds-on favourites (4/1) to win the Super Bowl, according to MGM (via Grantland).

Yes, the 49ers bring back that stalwart defence and play in a terrible division, but Alex Smith is still the quarterback, they’re praying an ancient Randy Moss can be a top receiver, and last year’s NFC Championship run caught everyone by complete surprise.

A few caveats: San Fran aren’t favourites in every sports book and these things fluctuate.

Either way, the 49ers have better odds of winning the Super Bowl than the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.

See what your team’s Super Bowl odds are at Grantland→

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