Starbucks Is Getting Bashed For Using Ground Up Beetles To colour Its Frappuccinos

starbucks strawberries and creme

Photo: By theskinimin on Flickr

Starbucks is getting backlash from the vegan community after changing how it colours its Strawberry Frappuccino, reports Bruce Horovitz at USA Today.It’s using ground up cochineal beetles.

Gross, right? Perhaps, but the type of food colouring is government-approved and widely used throughout the food industry.

Vegans say they’re mad because it’s presented as a drink that vegans can consume. Daelyn Fortney of the vegan website This Dish Is Veg has started a petition on to protest Starbucks’ use of the colouring .

It’s a strange dilemma for Starbucks. The brand is trying to get rid of artificial ingredients, but instead of receiving praise for it, it’s getting slammed.

But is Starbucks going about this the wrong way?

Michael Jacobson, executive director at the centre for Science in the Public Interest, gave USA Today the logical solution: 

“Strawberry Frappuccino should be coloured with strawberries.”

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