Everything You Need To Know About Who's Getting VC Money

VC activity

It’s more than a rumour: smaller investments in earlier-stage companies are grabbing ever more money and attention from venture capitalists.

CB Insights just released its latest report on VC activity, and the hard data backs up everything you’ve heard:

  • Silicon Valley still dominates tech, but it is steadily losing ground.
  • New York is blowing past Boston to become the second most important city in Internet startups.
  • As the cost of floating a minimum viable product falls, money is pouring in to seed stage investments at an amazing rate.

But enough with the generalities:

VCs are diving head first into seed investments

Seed investments can't make a dent in the VC landscape in terms of dollars invested, but earlier rounds are taking over

California is king, but it is steadily losing its grip on the startup world

Silicon Valley is still holding on in dollar terms

VC investment in Internet startups is significantly up from Q3 of last year

In case you were still in denial: New York, not Boston, is number two in startups

California still gets half of all VC cash

Internet startups are at the forefront of the seed stage boom

A third of VC money went into pre series B rounds this quarter

It might not be sexy, but advertising is still the best-funded field in tech

VCs are funding ever smaller seed rounds. Everything else is getting pricier

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