Variety To Staff: Join ‘The Biz’. Please!

Variety has a non-too-subtle scheme to build its newest online venture: Bribery.

The Hollywood trade paper is offering $1,000 and “a really big TV” for the employee who signs up the most contacts for The Biz, its newly launched social network/jobs board. The Biz is the first branded version of Jobster, which allows users to import their LinkedIn or Facebook profile to the service. (Variety parent Reed Elsevier is an investor in Jobster).

Networking is indeed the currency of Hollywood, but joining networking Web sites is not. So we’ll be interested to see if Variety can make a go of this. By the way, if press reports are true, Reed Elsevier is announcing another round of cuts tomorrow, which could add 1,000 people in need of a little career help from Jobster.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll be signing up for The Biz, if only to help out my former co-workers at Variety. Anyone plan on finding a job or an employee through this thing? Let us know.