Variety Finally Reports Exciting Development In Microsoft-Yahoo Takeover Battle


Variety got us excited today! Until recently, its homepage was promoting a very sexy story: “The contentious takeover talks between Yahoo and Microsoft have taken a dramatic turn, with News Corp. and Time Warner both re-entering the action.”

Fortunately for Yahoo, it looks like a timestamp goof — the story should have last year’s date on it. (Remember that night? A rollercoaster ride of Yahoo news.)

The story has since been removed from the homepage, but the story still has the wrong year on it: “Posted: Fri., Apr. 10, 2009, 8:15am PT.”

Of course, the Yahoo-Microsoft deal never happened, and neither AOL nor MySpace ended up merging with Microsoft or Yahoo. And Yahoo’s Google search deal — also announced on April 9, 2008 — never happened either. But now Microsoft and Yahoo’s new CEO, Carol Bartz, are reportedly working on a search deal.

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