This sleek electric bike connects to the internet

Screen Shot 2016 04 05 at 10.12.46 AMVanmoofVanmoof’s Electrified S.

Vanmoof’s newest bike looks like a normal bike except for three game-changers: it features a boost-able motor so you don’t need to pedal, locks without a key, and connects to the internet.

The Electrified S locks by fingerprint and is controlled by your smartphone.

Like most higher-end e-bikes, all of its parts are tucked away into the frame, but this is one of the slimmest ones we’ve seen. At 40 pounds, it’s also as light as its competitors.

Vanmoof is now accepting preorders for the bike for $2,000; the price jumps to $3,000 in June.

Take a look.

Riders adjust the bike's speed using Vanmoof's app. It pairs with a touchpad display located on the bike's frame, which shows the speed, distance travelled, and power level.


The app also tracks the bike's location, helping with navigation and warding against thef.


To unlock it, the rider presses their thumb on the app to confirm they're the owner.

The motor, which is nearly silent, can send the bike travelling up to 20 mph and lasts for up to 75 miles on a single charge. This kind of power is comparable to its (non-internet connected) competitors, like Biomega's OKO or Genze's e-bike.


'An electric bike is the ultimate way to move around in big cities,' Vanmoof's CEO, Ties Carlier, tells Tech Insider. 'It's faster and doesn't require too much energy on your commute, which we think will mean people ride more often, and further.'

Check out Vanmoof's promo for the bike below:

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