Vanity Fair: Huge In Italy!

While Conde Nast employees in New York eagerly await word from McKinsey on their job futures, the employees of Vanity Fair Italia needen’t have such fears. It’s the hottest property in Conde’s stable, according to a special report from the New York Times.

Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé International tells the Times Vanity Fair’s Italian edition is, “our No. 1 magazine in terms of revenues and profits. It’s bigger than any international Vogue.”

Circulation is up for the year 8.57% to 373,897 copies weekly. It’s a weekly magazine as opposed to the monthly edition its American sibling produces. It’s grabbing advertising market share, up 1% this year.

The magazine’s success is encouraging, but it doesn’t look replicable. It’s found a niche between the super trashy tabloids and the super glossy magazines. It’s also trolling through Conde Nast’s deep archive of awesome photos.

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