‘TAKE TRUMP TO PRISON’: Vandals target a Trump billboard in Houston

A Texas billboard in support of President Donald Trump, seen here at an Ohio rally, was reportedly vandalised by a left-wing group. Mandel Ngan/Getty Images
  • A billboard put up by the right-wing PAC Turning Point Action for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in Houston, Texas, was vandalised this week.
  • The vandalism was first reported on Twitter by Houston-based lawyer Rogelio Garcia, who said the sign had been vandalised about a week after it had been installed.
  • According to KXAN, the left-wing group “Turn Texas Blue” took credit for altering the sign on Twitter, writing “Trump put up a billboard in Houston last week. We fixed it.”
  • The large, pro-Trump billboard was changed to read “TAKE TRUMP TO PRISON.”
  • The group also recently took credit for vandalizing changing an “iconic” Houston sign over an overpass to read “Vote or Die,” according to the local NBC affiliate.
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