vandalised Falsely Reports Steve Jobs Has Cardiac Arrest (AAPL)

A vandal used’s public image viewer to post a false report on the domain saying that Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs had a cardiac arrest in his Palo Alto home. The prank is reminiscent of a false report on CNN’s citizen journalism site, iReport, that last fall said the CEO was rushed to the hospital after a heart attack.

The fake looks good, but the story’s grammar is not. “Steve Jobs in has had a Cardiac Arrest,” reads the headline. John C. Abell, whose name appears as the fake story’s byline, today responded:

The pride I feel about my byline having sufficient gravitas to perpetrate a credible Steve Jobs health hoax is, however, mitigated by the many atrocious spelling and grammatical errors attributed to me in the fake story. They included: “Steve Jobs in has had,” “Paulo Alto” “ambulence.”  Also, there has been a “sombre mood surrounding sever of the Apple board,” I was said to report.

The upside? I picked up exactly one new Twitter follower, whose tweet of the bogus page led to my finding it and shooting it down.

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