Twitter erupted after Steelers tight end Vance McDonald annihilated a Bucs defender with stiff-arm to break open a 75-yard touchdown

Julio Aguilar/Getty ImagesChris Conte was on the receiving end of the most brutal stiff arm of the NFL season by Steelers tight end Vance McDonald.
  • Steelers tight end Vance McDonald stiff-armed Buccaneers safety Chris Conte into oblivion last night.
  • As the play happened, football fans went wild on Twitter celebrating McDonald’s strength.
  • After the game, McDonald said he was trying to “inflict as much force as possible” on Conte.

On Monday night the Pittsburgh Steelers travelled to Tampa Bay to take on the red-hot Buccaneers, needing a win in order to avoid their worst start to a season since 2013.

After the Buccaneers jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead to open the game, the Steelers looked for a response and found one thanks to tight end Vance McDonald.

Facing third-and-10 in Steelers territory, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger found McDonald running an out route at the line-to-gain. With the catch secured, McDonald turned upfield along the sideline and was met by Buccaneers safety Chris Conte.

At first, it looked as though Conte would be able to steer the play out of bounds, but instead, McDonald hit him with the most powerful stiff-arm we’ve seen yet this year, sending Conte into oblivion and himself streaking towards the end zone for the game-tying touchdown.

The play is even better enjoyed in slow motion.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to comment on McDonald’s show of strength.

Many seemed to question the legality of McDonald’s play – not with regard to the rules of football, but rather, the laws of man.

Others voiced their concern for Chris Conte and the Conte family.

And others still shared videos of similar shows of force that the big stiff-arm brought to mind.

After the game, McDonald seemed delighted with the show of support online.^tfw

McDonald would finish the game with four catches, 112 yards and a touchdown, helping the Steelers along to a 30-27 victory, the team’s first win of the season.

When asked what he was thinking during the play, McDonald told reporters, “Just punish him. Inflict as much force on him as possible – that’s the first thing I think of.”

Mission accomplished.

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