12 surreal photos of people travelling the world in vans that will make just about anyone want to abandon the 9-5 to be a modern nomad

Joanna Boukhabza and Eric BournotFoster Huntington shows life on the move.

After Foster Huntington left his corporate job in Manhattan, he spent three years living in a van.

He travelled the US, backpacking, surfing, and connecting with a nomadic community who’d left their own stationary lives behind for something different.

In his fourth book, “Van Life: Your Home on the Road,” Huntington gathers photos from the community, and interviews some of its members to learn more about their lives – and their vans.

Here, see 12 of the photos featured in Huntington’s dreamy depiction of van life, a world unto itself.

Foster Huntington is credited with creating the viral hashtag #vanlife, which people use to showcase minimalist lives based in vans, constantly on the move.

Calum Creasey

The pictures generally depict a lifestyle punctuated by dawn yoga on the beach and clear desert nights stargazing through the sunroof.

Jace Carmichael

“I knew that I wanted to have this book be really authentic stories,” Huntington told Business Insider. “I wanted it to be an expanded perspective that wasn’t just mine.”

Foster Huntington

He asked the #vanlife community about their beloved homes on wheels: How many miles have you put on it? When did you add the circular windows?

Calum Creasey

“For a lot of these people, it’s self-evident why they would live like this,” he said. “I wanted to let their lifestyle come out through their discussion of their specific vehicle.”

Camille Casado and Garrett Hystek

His latest book provides a lens into the romantic life of the modern nomad …

Jace Carmichael

… living in a home on the road.

Daniel Kalinowski

Huntington said the concept of van life has developed in the past few years. He wants his book to reach readers in all stages and walks of life.

Freddy Thomas and Gabriela Jones

“It could be for an older couple that’s like, ‘Instead of getting an RV, let’s get a van,'” he said. “Or for a younger person who says, ‘This is how I want to spend my 20s.’ It could be for someone getting out of a tough time, being like ‘I want to travel and expand my perspective.'”

Grant Koontz

Today, Huntington no longer lives in the van. Instead, he lives in a treehouse he built in Washington State.

Norm Ruth

See Huntington’s treehouse »

He’s spent the last year assembling his book, building a production studio, and creating a stop-motion film specifically designed to be distributed via Instagram.

Black Dog & Leventhal PublishersFoster Huntington.

See Huntington’s short film »

He doesn’t have immediate plans to get back on the road. “For the time being, that stage of my life has passed,” he said.

Mike Pham

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