A bunch of lucky bankers are about to get some limited edition Alexander Hamilton swag

Don’t worry Alexander Hamilton supporters.

Van Eck has got your back.

Or rather your neck (tie) — in an assortment of colours including ras berry, pink and periwinkle.

Van Eck Global has issued 200-some Neckties printed by Vineyard Vines to back the founding father’s visage on the $US10 bill, Wall Street Journal’s Rob Copeland reported. The ties will be sent to prominent financiers who have supported keeping Alexander Hamilton on the bill.

This comes after Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced plans to dilute the once Secretary of the Treasury’s appearances with that of a woman’s.

“When Jack Lew announced what he was looking to do, the emails started trickling around,” said founder Jan van Eck to the Wall Street Journal. “We thought the tie would be a clever way to show our appreciation.”

According to the Journal, the asset management group has a habit of sending these novelty neckties to clients.

Previous incarnations (complete with matching tote bags) have included: Janet Yellen riding a dove, Ben Bernanke with helicopters, and a Super Mario version of President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi.

Bernanke will be receiving one of the Hamilton ties.

“Hamilton died more than two centuries ago after a duel, and is buried at Trinity Church cemetery in New York, just a few miles from Van Eck’s headquarters. No word on if the firm will drape a tie there in his honour,” Copeland wrote.

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