ValueClick Moves Up Earnings to Combat Stock Downgrade


ValueClick, one of the sole remaining public ad network plays, is understandably desperate to cash in on the online ad buyout frenzy.  So when a Wall Street analyst called one of the company’s business unit sleazy and downgraded the stock on client defection concerns, the company had to act fast, lest the resulting stock-collapse spook potential buyers.

This seems the only plausible explanation for why ValueClick would suddenly move its results call up by nine days, to this morning.  The company will no doubt report blowout earnings and lay waste to RBC analyst Jordan Rohan and the “advertiser defection” concerns he cited in last Friday’s downgrade (details from MediaPost’s Laurie Petersen).  The stock will likely pop briefly on the news, as the market temporarily dismisses Rohan as an idiot, and then fall again when it remembers that last quarter’s results are old news.

Valueclick and Rohan have been at each other’s throats since April, when Rohan suggested the FTC would likely start investigating aggressive marketing tactics at the company’s WebClients unit.  Now, it seems, their pissing match has hit a new level.

UPDATE: Turns out there was another explanation: The quarter was awful  Kudos to Mr. Rohan.  More soon…

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