37 thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts under $50

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show our loved ones that we care … and perhaps gift them a token or two of our affection.

Whether your Valentine is a friend, family member, new date, or treasured spouse, check out 37 gifts under $50 that will make them smile.

We didn’t include chocolate or flowers, because: duh.

And remember — a homemade, heartfelt card is usually just as appreciated.

Charm your favourite person with a heat-changing heart mug.

The heart turns red as you fill the mug, for another boost of affection with every cup of tea.

Price: $7

Make your office a little more festive with heart cookie cutters.

Bake and decorate cookies with your Valentine, then enjoy them with your cubicle-mates.

Price: $10

Keep bits and bobs safe with a tiny ring dish.

It might be made for rings, but there's no rule it can't hold earrings, cuff links, or keys.

Price: $10

Keep toes warm with heart-covered socks.

Is it still snowing where you are?

Price: $12

Decode confusing conversations with 'What Every BODY Is Saying.'

Former FBI agent Joe Navarro explains how to read between other people's lines ... and your own.

Price: $14

Get down to basics with heart boxers.

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without heart boxers. Try this fun pair to make your date's weekend a little more festive.

Price: $14

Say it again and again with an 'I love you' mug.

What else do you need to say?

Price: $14

Make someone laugh with 'Why Not Me?'

Writer and actress Mindy Kaling's second collection of essays and memories is the perfect read for an afternoon on the couch or an evening on a plane.

Price: $15

Send the right message with this happy notebook.

Anyone can use a little pick-me-up during the work (or school) day.

Price: $16

Gain some insight into relationships with 'Modern Romance.'

If you binged your way through Aziz Ansari's original Netflix series 'Master of None' this year, his grounded, fun insights into millennial dating and relationships are a natural next step.

Price: $17

Perk up their outfit with a fun bow tie.

Don't you have somewhere nice to go?

Price: $18

Remember the moment with an iPhone lens kit.

It's about time you got a decent photo of the two of you together.

Price: $20

Make scrolling social with 'Game of Phones.'

If you're going to keep them out anyway, might as well use your favourite screens for 'Game of Phones,' a silly scavenger hunt any texter can enjoy.

Price: $20

Provide warmth to go with a colourful travel mug.

It will never get lost in the office kitchen.

Price: $22

Enjoy holiday whimsy that isn't red or heart-shaped.

These quirky animal drink stirrers can add a little glitter to everything from your guests' cups to your declining desk plant.

Price: $22

Take dessert up a notch with a make-your-own macaron kit.

Play sous chef as your date experiments with Fruity Cereal, Red Velvet, or Chocolate Molten flavours.

Price: $48

Do a little good while adding a little colour.

Website Bird and Stone puts 15% of the net profits from this bracelet (and many others) toward microloans and financial training for widowed women entrepreneurs in Kenya. Your Valentine can look good and do good at the same time.

Price: $26

Perk things up with festive espresso cups.

You get four in a set, so multiple Valentines are allowed.

Price: $28

Make tomorrow morning easier with a bright alarm clock.

Valentine's Day is on a holiday weekend this year. Come time to return to work, someone will probably need an extra nudge.

Price: $30

Mix things up with a gold cocktail shaker.

Hosting this Valentine's Day? (Or birthday or Easter or Fourth of July?) You'll find a use for this.

Price: $31

Create an impromptu movie night with a portable projector.

All you need is a smartphone ... and popcorn.

Price: $32

Smooth rough edges with a 3-in-1 shave kit.

Or pack the aeroplane-friendly bottles in his bag for a surprise getaway.

Price: $35

Send a message with a personalised bangle.

It goes with anything.

Price: $36

Slip into something more comfortable with festive sleep shorts.

Because men aren't the only ones who can enjoy a festive boxer for every holiday.

Price: $38

Shake up your evening with foodie or cocktail dice.

Pick foodie dice for a choose-your-own-adventure dinner, or cocktail dice for anything-goes drinks.

Price: $38

Bundle up together in a cosy throw.

There are some benefits to February.

Price: $39

Look sharp with a gingham pocket square.

Add a little finish to their outfit with this gingham pocket square, available in blue, yellow, green, and, of course, red.

Price: $40

Break free of your kitchen with a picnic basket for two.

What's more romantic than an outdoor picnic together?

Price: $40

Make your own fun tonight with a home brew kit.

Make tomorrow fun, too.

Price: $40

Play it safe (and romantic) with a delicate heart necklace.

The classics are classic for a reason.

Price: $40

Keep your favourite memories on hand with a chic picture frame.

Do we need to tell you it's supposed to include a picture of you two together?

Price: $40

Keep an eye on what's coming with a wireless weather station.

Not everyone wants a gift in the shape of a heart.

Price: $40

Spiff them up with a red cashmere sweater.

Today, it's for Valentine's Day. Next weekend, it's for brunch.

Price: $40

Liven things up with tabletop Cornhole.

Nothing is more romantic than victory.

Price: $45

Make the holiday shine with sparkly earrings.

If you aren't going to go big with the price tag, go big with the statement.

Price: $49

Fill winter nights with a 3-in-1 classic game set.

Haven't you been meaning to teach them backgammon?

Price: $49

Get their act together with a smart duffel bag.

Just in time for a weekend in the sun.

Price: $50

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