Use These 7 Apps To Plan Your Next Vacation

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We’re fresh into the new year but we’re already daydreaming about our next vacation.A number of apps are more than capable of helping you plan your next trip. Use them to save a bundle on flights, hotels, and car rentals — then use them again to find fun stuff to do once you’ve arrived at your destination.


Not sure where you want to go yet? Use Minube to browse pictures and video of destinations to get inspiration on where to take your next big trip.

Price: free


Here's another app to help you brainstorm fun travel ideas. It lets you lay out a potential itinerary and share your plans with friends when you're done.

Price: free


Paying for your travel is one of the biggest costs associated with any vacation. Kayak's app comes to the rescue by scrounging up the best deals to get you where you want to be when you want to be there.

Price: free


This app is another great venue to help you find cheap travel. It's wonderfully user-friendly and can suggest cheaper times to fly if your itinerary is flexible.

Price: free

Google Flights

The quest for cheap travel continues with Google Flights. It offers one more exhaustive way to comb the airlines for the most affordable way to get to your destination.

Check it out here >


Why worry about cheap when there's 'free?' CouchSurfing connects you with people around the world who are willing to let you stay in their homes (and in some cases, even serve as your tour guide).

Price: free

Concierge Insider Guides

The concierge at a hotel always knows great places to recommend you check out while travelling. This app brings the concierge directly to your iPad.

Price: free

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