UVA Frat At The Center Of Gang Rape Allegations Voluntarily Suspends Itself

The University of Virginia chapter of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has voluntarily suspended all operations following several disturbing sexual assault claims detailed in a recent Rolling Stone story, the fraternity announced in a letter to student newspaper The Cavalier Daily.

Several UVA students were allegedly the victim of gang rapes at the Phi Psi house, Rolling Stone reports. Brothers recieved light punishments from the university, if any at all, according to the Rolling Stone article.

After the Rolling Stone article went live online, the Phi Psi house was vandalised with graffiti reading “UVA Center for RAPE Studies” and “SUSPEND US!” The image below is from The Cavalier Daily:

One UVA student told Rolling Stone that she was gang raped by a group of brothers during a Phi Psi date event:

She remembers every moment of the next three hours of agony, during which, she says, seven men took turns raping her, while two more — her date, Drew, and another man — gave instruction and encouragement. She remembers how the spectators swigged beers, and how they called each other nicknames like Armpit and Blanket. She remembers the men’s heft and their sour reek of alcohol mixed with the pungency of marijuana. Most of all, Jackie remembers the pain and the pounding that went on and on. 

Here’s the fraternity’s full statement, via The Cavalier Daily:

Although at this time we have no specific knowledge of the claims set out in the Rolling Stone Article, we take this matter — and these tragic allegations — very seriously. That is why after being notified by the University of allegations following their informal investigation in late September, we subsequently notified our alumni chapter advisor and housing corporation. Through these representatives, local law enforcement was notified within days. This is a serious matter for the criminal justice system and the university investigative process and we will cooperate quickly, openly and honestly in any forthcoming investigation that may be conducted. To that end, as of today we have voluntarily surrendered our Fraternal Organisation Agreement with the University, thereby suspending all chapter activities during this process. Make no mistake, the acts depicted in the article are beyond unacceptable — they are vile and intolerable in our brotherhood, our university community and our society. We remain ready and willing to assist with the fair and swift pursuit of justice, wherever that may lead, and steadfast in our resolve to ensure that nothing like this can happen, ever on our Grounds.


Phi Kappa Psi, Virginia Alpha Chapter

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