Utah's Attorney General Is Looking For Lawyers Who Want To Sue The BCS

Oregon Ducks BCS

Photo: AP

The State of Utah has posted an interesting “request for information,” which is basically a want ad asking lawyers to speak up if they might be interested in helping them with a problem:This is a Request for Information only. The OAG is seeking information from Legal Teams preliminary to undertaking a process to select a Legal Team to pursue an investigation and possible litigation to determine the legality of the Bowl Championship Series system for College FBS post season football under federal and Utah state antitrust or other applicable law and to obtain appropriate relief.

(Link found via @SportsLawGuy)

They specifically say that they aren’t asking for bids and aren’t looking to actually hire anyone. Yet. Just a bunch of lawyers talking about talking about something.

Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has previously expressed his interest in taking down the BCS, so basically all he needs is a big shiny law firm looking to do the dirty work.

He claims that the BCS is an anti-trust nightmare that robs federally funded-institutions of the right to win trophies and money. Which it totally is. It remains to be seen if the courts will agree.

The Utah Utes have been one of the BCS’s biggest victims, having twice gone undefeated in the last decade without being allowed to play the National Championship Game.

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