Utah high school holds a Men's Week featuring sexist signs about women belonging in the kitchen

Google MapsSnow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah.
  • Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah, hosted a Men’s Week earlier this month.
  • The event featured signs made by students that read “Enter if you believe men are the superior gender,” and “What’s a women’s [sic] point of view? The kitchen window.”
  • The school also advertised a series of supposedly male-oriented activities throughout the week, including arm wrestling and video game competitions.

A Utah high school caused controversy and outrage among parents and students after hosting a “Men’s Week” featuring sexist posters about women.

The week-long event at Snow Canyon High School in St. George, Utah, earlier this month featured signs that read “Enter if you believe men are the superior gender,” and “What’s a women’s [sic] point of view? The kitchen window.”

A series of supposedly male-oriented activities were advertised throughout the week, including arm-wrestling and video game competitions, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

The event was meant to be part of the school’s “Battle of the Sexes,” with a “Women’s Week” being held in February.



After criticism over the sexist posters during Men’s Week, however, Snow Canyon has decided to end its Battle of the Sexes.

Snow Canyon principal Warren Brooks said in an email to parents seen by The Salt Lake City Tribune that the posters were “not authorised and put up after school hours.”

“Upon discovery, the administration immediately took down the banners the next day,” Brooks wrote. “The statements written on these posters were inappropriate, thoughtless and were not sanctioned by administration and the student body planning committee. The activities scheduled for this week have been reviewed and revised to be all inclusive.”

On the Friday of the week-long event, the boys were supposed to be thrown a pizza party and allowed early dismissal from class. Instead, the school opened the pizza party up to all students and canceled the arm-wrestling contest.

After all other Battle of the Sexes events were canceled, Washington County School District spokesman Steve Dunham said in a statement to The Salt Lake Tribune that it was something that “should never take place.”

“In today’s climate, it’s just not acceptable. We need to be looking at ways we can be bringing people together, not trying to show the superiority of one group over another,” he said.

Parents told the newspaper that they have complained about the Battle of the Sexes promotion of sexist tropes for years.

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