This Is One Of The Most Remote And Beautiful Plane Crash Memorials On Earth

In September 1989, UTA Flight 772 exploded over the Sahara Desert while flying from the Republic of Congo to Paris, killing all 155 passengers and 15 crew members onboard.

A French court found six Libyans guilty of placing explosives on the DC-10 jet, operated by French airline Union de Transports AĆ©riens (UTA), and sentenced them to life in prison, in their absence.

In 2007, Les Familles de l’Attentat du DC-10 d’UTA (the families of the attack on UTA’s DC-10), built a memorial to the victims at the crash site in the Niger desert. Made up of dark stones in a circle with a 200-foot diameter, and one broken mirror for each person killed, it can be seen from far above the Earth.

These screenshots from Google Maps, at different levels of zoom, reveal the remoteness of the crash site and the beauty of the memorial that now marks it.

memorial uta flight 772 niger desert
memorial uta flight 772 niger desert
memorial uta flight 772 niger desert

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