Ustream.TV Product Boss Flushed – "No One Will Explain Why"

Flushed Person Flush Toilet Fired Booted

Photo: Lynda W1

Earlier this week, Digital 100 company booted Shawn Rose, its relatively new VP of product, after he’d spent just 5 months on the job.Says a source: “On Monday we all got told he’s gone and  NO ONE  will explain why. He didn’t leave.”

According to quick spot-check on, Ustream traffic was essentially flat during Shawn’s short tenure. In the four months immediately before Shawn joined, Ustream traffic grew from 2 million to 3 million unique visitors.

Those aren’t stellar numbers by any means, but the length of the product-development cycle and Shawn’s short tenure, it’s hard to believe those traffic numbers had anything to do with his dismissal.

Anybody have a better idea?

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