Using Facebook To maximise Your Blog Traffic

With the growth of social media websites, spreading the word about your blog has never been so easy. Social media sites are perfect for this because they not only allow you to reach different markets that you may not normally reach, but they also give you the ability to share content that might not be appropriate for a blog.  Speaking specifically of social media, Facebook has become one of easiest, most effective, and most popular ways to expand your blog’s reader base.

Speaking of Stats

As of right now, there are more than 500 million active Facebook users. As a collective, people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.  By looking at these two statistics alone, we can see that Facebook has reached an amazing level of popularity, and that popularity is only continuing to grow.  By taking full advantage of its popularity, a person has the ability to to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool to gain more traffic on their blog.  Not only is doing so a fairly simple process, but it’s free as well!

Fully comprehending the power that Facebook holds can really help you to become more influential in the blogging community and also increase your blog traffic. There are a few different ways in which Facebook can be used to benefit your blog. Below are three examples of how using Facebook can boost your blog’s traffic.

1. As an Extension of Your Blog
By using Facebook as an extension of your blog, you will not only discover new ways to interact with your readers, but you will also be able to share any real-time with them. When you’re using Facebook as an extension of your blog, you’ll also be able to experiment with different methods that will catch your readers’ attention. Some of these methods may include things like posting specific questions, tidbits of trivia, quotes by famous people, etc., related to your blog content.  By doing these things, you are engaging your audience while drawing attention to your blog.

2. As Blog Entry Inspiration
After a while, you’ll begin to notice which items you post on Facebook get a very good response and which items get little or no response. Based on this type of history, you will be better equipped to compose blog entries that will be sure to catch the attention of your readers.  For example, if you post a question on your Facebook page and notice that it is generating a lot of feedback, that could be a topic that you should cover in your blog. Also, if you’re following other bloggers, keep an eye on their feeds and their followers’ feedback. It’s a great way to get an overall sense of what people want to read about.

3. As a Real-time Sharing Tool
It’s important to remember that what you post on Facebook and other social media platforms shouldn’t all be about you and your company or blog. When you find other interesting articles and content, share it on your Facebook page.  By doing so, not only will you be sharing interesting information, but you will also be creating a place where people can find useful information and discuss what you’ve posted with each other. Because your followers are able to connect with you and other followers in this way, they’ll be much more likely to pay your blog a visit.

By simply creating a Facebook page and employing a few simple, quick actions, you have a whole new world of marketing right at your finger tips. The more you use Facebook, the more you will see just how much it can benefit you and the work that you put into your blog.

Have you used Facebook to market your company or blog? Share your experience in the comments – or on our Facebook page!

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