Doctors have developed a way to screen for cancer with a smartphone

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A rapid and reliable cancer screening test has been developed by doctors in America for use with a smartphone.

A proof-of-concept study showed the device, which would only cost $1.80 per diagnosis, can accurately screen for cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Ralph Weissleder of the Massachusetts General Hospital and colleagues developed a method called digital diffraction diagnosis based on the patterns of molecularly tagged beads which bind to cancer markers.

A plastic module fitted with a light source, a mini-lens and sample insert is attached to the camera of a smartphone, which then records and uploads patterns from the beads to a remote server, giving a preliminary diagnosis back within 45 minutes.

Using the device, the scientists were able to group the samples taken into high-risk versus low-risk/benign categories.

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